Big Boom at Boomi World:

AI Orchestration Has Arrived

· API Integration,AI,AI Orchestration,Data Management,Unified Data Engineering

Boomi World 2024 was a well kept secret until Boomi CEO Steve Lucas, followed by CTO Matt McLarty, took the stage and divulged the news. With their success establishing an upper right leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, the company is moving aggressively to capture first mover advantage in the orchestration of AI agents, utilize their rich metadata for AI automation and generative AI for their entire platform, and take on the well-established data integration space.

As 2024 unfolds we are already watching 67,200 artificial intelligence (AI) companies and 115 million companies dive deeper into the AI ocean. Millions of models, datasets, and apps are already being deployed, and it won’t be long before every major enterprise has thousands of AI agents or applications, powering their business, making decisions, reasoning, adapting, improving, and acting independently or in cooperation with a network of agents.

The AI explosion is changing the entire data landscape, from streaming data to the data lakehouse, from generative AI to AI agents. Whenever there is a disruption like we are experiencing today in data management, there is room for major shifts in software vendor leadership. Most companies will wave their magic AI wands hoping to come out on top, only a few will rise to the top and crush their competitors. If they play it right and do what they are promising to do, Boomi may be one of those companies.

John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst at Ferraro Consulting, recently published a point of view paper summarizing and evaluating Boomi’s recent announcements at Boomi World. Big Boom at Boomi World: AI Orchestration Has Arrived, includes the context for Boomi’s announcements, an overview of the announcements, and a unique point of view developed by Ferraro Consulting to help readers understand what is coming in the world of unified data engineering, generative AI, and AI orchestration.