Informatica: Predictive Data Intelligence Podcast

By John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst

· Data Marketplace,Data Consumption,Informatica,Data Sharing,Unified Data Engineering
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Predictive data intelligence is the use of data, AI-driven algorithms, and machine learning techniques to quickly connect data consumers with the most relevant data they need to drive their business initiatives and deliver greater value.

The goal of predictive analytics is to go beyond simply describing data to enable data consumers to accelerate the next-best actions to take for more effective decision making. For example, a retailer can understand their most relevant and high-quality data sets to better forecast consumer demand for a product, or a financial institution may identify the most accurate, complete customer data used to fuel analytics that help identify the likelihood of default on a loan.

In this episode of the EM360 Podcast, Analyst John Santaferraro speaks to Informatica’s Ian Stahl, Senior Director of Product Management and Chris Phillips, VP of Product Management to discuss:

  • Shifting from business intelligence to predictive data intelligence
  • Data sharing and data marketplaces
  • The data consumption revolution