Examining the Informatica Playbook

John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst

· Data Management,Unified Data Engineering,Generative AI,AI,Informatica

“Everyone is ready for AI, except your data.”

That was the theme for Informatica World 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 20-23. While millions, yes millions, are flocking to generative AI as a panacea for business transformation, Informatica is sticking to its big guns in data management; and Ferraro Consulting believes that is exactly the right strategy for the current leader in the race for unified data engineering. If you want great AI, focus on curating great data!

At the conference, Informatica delivered on its promise to bring AI to their platform and to deploy AI with their platform, but CLAIRE was the start of the show. After all, what is not to love about CLAIRE. She is smart, she never forgets, she makes friends easily, she gets stuff done, and she makes the best recommendations of anyone I know.

Read the Ferraro Consulting POV, “Examining the Informatica Playbook - A Close Look at Informatica World 2024,” and discover what makes CLAIRE so special. More importantly read about what Informatica is doing to ensure their leadership position, how they are differentiating themselves in a busy market, what they are doing to extend their lead, and how they are partnering to continue to lead with leaders. The paper also includes some insight into the hurdles Informatica needs to overcome to maintain their market position.