Ferraro Consulting FirstGlance™ Promethium

By John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst

· Data Fabric,Data Mesh,Data Management,Unified Data Engineering,Midmarket

In my coverage of unified data engineering, data fabric vendor Promethium is worth a FirstGlance™ and likely a second look. Having built an end-to-end data fabric from connection to compilation, the company is well positioned to fill a market need for quick, simple business insight, especially for the midmarket, departments, and enterprise customers without big IT.

In the words of founder, Kaycee Lai, “What’s unique about this data fabric is that it is purpose-built to solve a very specific problem. Nearly all of the data management solutions today from BI tools to Catalogs to ETL/ELT tools are all focused on production usage. But, in many cases, users have a need to experiment, ask adhoc questions, or simply produce data products that may be consumed once or twice. These use cases require speed in the workflow that simply doesn’t exist in production workflows. The challenge with using production tools for these use cases is that they can break production workflows and most customers do not need 100% of the capabilities in all those many tools. [At] Promethium [we] built a single solution that allows users to safely and quickly build, discover, reuse, or build data products on the fly without breaking production workflows and delivering answers in a few minutes or even seconds.”



* Ferraro Consulting FirstGlance™ takes a quick look at vendors with innovative technology. A first glance is almost always followed up with SecondLook™.

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