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By John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst

· DataOps,Unified Data Engineering,Midmarket,AI,Generative AI

One of the ways to predict market direction is to find places where technologies are converging. While DataOps began as a technology focused on engineered data flows, it wasn’t meant to stay contained. Data is data, whether it is stored, streaming, flowing, being transformed or in a data pipeline. So then, it makes sense to expand our definition of data operations to include all data.

In my coverage of unified data engineering, self-service DataOps vendor Keboola is worth a FirstGlance™ and likely a second look. Having built an end-to-end data engineering platform designed specifically for data operations in the midmarket, the company is extremely well-liked by a high percentage of users. Keboola covers all the areas mentioned above in the first paragraph, including data storage. I look forward to seeing how Keboola plans to break into the US market.

In the words of Pavel Dolezal, Keboola’s CEO. “We have been gratified by the feedback we’ve received from our clients who feel they now have full control of their data and processes in ways they didn’t before, and have been encouraged that many customers have found Keboola useful across business AI initiatives, which we expect to continue to drive demand for our platform.”



* Ferraro Consulting FirstGlance™ takes a quick look at vendors with innovative technology. A first glance is almost always followed up with SecondLook™.

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