Unified Data Engineering

By John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst

· Data Engineering,Unified Data Engineering,ETL,Streaming Data,Cloud

2024 will be the year that data integration dies. It will be swept away by new waves of more generic data engineering platforms designed to finally unify all use cases in a single platform.

Most enterprises have 6-8 different data integration and transformation platforms. Everyone is tired of having to integrate their integration efforts. They are done moving data in and out of separate data engineering environments to build their pipelines. The cost and complexity of continuing to operate in silos is not sustainable.

Even for companies just entering the data integration or data engineering space with only one or two use cases, it is vital to consider the trend toward unification. Why? One successful use case breeds two new cases; two new use cases can breed a dozen new opportunities. In the digital world, the need to move, transform, analyze, deliver, and automate insight will continue to accelerate, possibly without end.

John Santaferraro, CEO and Head Research Analyst at Ferraro Consulting, recently published a point of view paper highlighting the urgency for unified data engineering and defining this new category for prospective buyers. The paper, Unified Data Engineering: Consolidating Engineering Functions to Harness Artificial Intelligence, also includes a brief list of vendors in the race for unification.

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