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  • What is in it for you?

    "Move From Digital Analysis to Digital Dominance."

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    Understand AI, Analytics, and Data

    Anticipate, don't wait.

    From generative AI to automated intelligence, anticipate what is happening next in this fast moving market segment. More importantly, map out a course for business-driven modernization built on foundational technology for the next decade.


    Ask about our unique technology point of view, our simple understanding of complex markets, straightforward product recommendations for data leaders, and data architecture consulting.

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    Map Your Way to Digital Dominance

    Create value, not friction.

    The digital world connects marketing and sales to customers in ways that accelerate sales and increase customer satisfaction. From analytics applications to co-innovation, our digital transformation services guide you to the most profitable opportunities for modernization.


    Ask about our team building and innovation workshops delivered onsite or at any destination.

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    Increase Your Market Penetration

    Make memories, not noise.

    The right value communicated with a compelling story will always attract the attention of the best possible prospects and customers. Our marketing strategy and industry analyst services guide you to the best leverage points for digital marketing investments.


    Ask about our network of resources for fractional or interim CMO positions.

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    Walk With a Market Maker

    Generate momentum, not more work.

    Marketing is an art, product marketing is a mix of art and science; especially in the data and analytics market. Tap into 30 years of experience from a proven marketing executive with all of the capabilities to guide you toward marketing greatness.


    Ask about our three or six month mentoring programs for marketing strategy, product marketing, or digital marketing.

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    Step Into Your Full Potential

    Get motivated, not marginalized.

    Get inspired. Share laughter. Make memories. Gain wisdom. Take action. Our speaking and training always leads to action that makes a difference for your bottom line. Topics include innovation, strategy, big data, analytics, ethics, sales, marketing, and marriage (just ask).


    Ask about our customized training for specific industries including high tech, product marketing, meetings & events, communications, healthcare, and utilities.

  • This is what successful projects look like!

    6 times when we exceeded expectations...

  • From executive strategy to accelerated execution, we get the job done.

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    Digital Strategy & Execution

    From Zero to Digital in 6 Months

    Given a blank slate by an early stage technology company, we created a digital strategy for the product, marketing and sales organizations. Within 6 months we created 75 pieces of digital content, a product road map. and a highly-functional marketing automation system.

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    Tech Startup Relaunch

    Creating a New Category

    Called in by investors, we re-positioned an early stage start up company, created new messaging, and delivered complete re-branding, all in 3 months. The new positioning created a new category now adopted by Gartner and led to the acquisition of the company.

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    Fortune 5 Sales Acceleration

    $20M Revenue, $650M Pipeline in 6 Months

    Invited by the GM of a Fortune 5 company, we were asked to re-position a product that hadn't sold in a year. In 3 months we created new positioning, messaging, and selling tools. In the following 3 months, we sold with the field and added $20M in new sales and $650M in pipeline.

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    From Keynote to Training

    Global Inspiration Experience

    Delivered a keynote on "Innovation & Design Thinking"
    for TDWI, a training on "Analytics 101" for business intelligence certification, and a "Big Data Innovation" keynote tour for the Chinese government. Experience in Italy, Belgium, Spain, UK, Australia, South Korea, and Japan.

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    Content Marketing Magic

    Outsourced Content Marketing

    In just 3 months, we delivered new messaging, a content strategy, an editorial calendar, 6 buyer personas, and 24 pieces of collateral. Working with the CMO, we established credibility and did the entire project with only minor reviews from the client.

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    Analytic Application Design

    The $565 Billion Events Industry

    Designed and developed an analytics application for every aspect of the meeting and event industry. Worked with an inexperienced technology team on requirements for the product. Lead the business team by developing a full service go-to-market strategy, program and platform.

  • Kudos

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    General Manager - HP

    "I was looking for someone who had deep business intelligence industry expertise, savvy marketing skills, and the ability to think outside the box. John hit the ground running, quickly delivered a solution marketing strategy, and provided the kind of leadership you would expect from a marketing executive."

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    Marc Crawford, CEO - Educational Measures

    "John is a very talented visionary with the unique skill of blending together marketing with data and analytics. He has the ability to provide executive level guidance when needed and then a role up your sleeves and get it done approach to execution."

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    or send a message to info@ferraroconsulting.com

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